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Festive & Healthy Halloween Snacks

What’s not to love about Halloween snacks, treats, and candy. What if there were tons of ways to incorporate healthy, yet cool and fun snacks for Halloween. There’s no doubt that your kids wouldn’t love these tasty and creepy snacks.

Starting off with carrot fingers. This ghoul but healthy treat is definitely the one to make! You take carrots, put almonds on them and stick them in any dip you prefer.

The next spooky treat is haunted pizza. You take a ghost-shaped cookie cutter to cut out the cheese of your likely into ghosts. Use black olives as the ghost's eyeballs. Then make the pizza like you normally would.

What about a banana covered in white chocolate? These sweet treats are called “boo” nana pops and they are the cutest ever. Your kids can easily make these frozen treats by themselves.

One simple piece of toast can be turned into mummy toast. Add rows of cheese, jam of your choice, and olives for the eyes. A breakfast that’s creepy and cool at the same time, wow!

Apples are very nutritious for kids and they absolutely love them. I bet they would love them even more if they looked like scary monsters. You’d slice an apple, stick pieces of almonds in them to look like teeth. Then put marshmallows on toothpicks and stick them in the apples for eyes.

Everyone loves cheese. A fun twist for Halloween could be cheese eyeballs. Use Babybel cheese, thin slices of olives for eyeballs and gel food coloring for blood vessels.

These are just a few of my favorites. Find plenty of other Halloween snack recipes and ideas here.

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