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22 Ohio Families Get Fighting Chance at Education During COVID

Nonprofits aid families devastated by pandemic through joint initiative, Buckeye Friendship Fund.

The Buckeye Friendship Fund has provided nine families with new laptops, 13 families with grocery gift cards, and recipients have free access to nutrition counseling and career services. The Buckeye Friendship Fund was created by The BRICC Foundry and Pocket Full of Poseys after witnessing the catastrophic effects of the pandemic on vulnerable Ohio families.

The Buckeye Friendship Fund addresses issues created by and amplified by the pandemic including lack of education tools, food insecurity, and unemployment. This fall, The Buckeye Friendship Fund held two fundraisers that impacted 71 lives. Extra supplies were donated to Leadership Development Director, Brea Porter at Teach For America.

"Hand delivering laptops and school supply bundles to families in Dayton and Columbus is a reminder of the story and vision behind The BRICC Foundry," said Founder of the BRICC Foundry Lauren Satterfield. "Providing a direct impact on lives in my community now, will plant seeds for positive change. COVID-19 is another straw on the camel's back to cities in Ohio battling economic, drug, and racial disparities."

"Normal life has changed for most people. Children are now virtual learners and parents have been forced into a teacher role on top of job loss," said Chief Operating Officer of Pocket Full of Poseys, Kierra Posey. "It's devastating and we recognized that purchasing school supplies for every child and providing laptops and groceries to families could be the catalyst for positive change in the lives of those in need during the pandemic."

Both organizations have deep roots in the Ohio community including founders that are native to the state. Satterfield was born in Dayton and attended The Ohio State University. Pocket Full of Poseys was founded by former NFL player and Cincinnati native DeVier Posey. DeVier's wife, Kierra Posey met Satterfield while pledging into Delta Sigma Theta sorority together at The Ohio State University. Porter is also Ohio State Alumni.

"The Buckeye Friendship Fund has some work to do and we are only getting started," Satterfield continued. The Buckeye Friendship Fund will continue to raise funds and resources for Ohio families throughout the pandemic and beyond.


Lauren W. Satterfield


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About The BRICC Foundry Founded in 2018, The BRICC Foundry is a collective of women, Building Resources Inspiring Change in our Community (BRICC). We cultivate underrepresented women through the pursuit of knowledge, mentorship & professional development to encourage women to pursue their career & life goals in spite of obstacles in their present state. Iron sharpens iron.

Contact: Kierra G. Posey 832-714-0927 Email: Website:

About Pocket Full of Poseys Pocket Full of Poseys is a non-profit organization focused on advocating for children's health and wellness. Our mission is to utilize athletics and programming to provide nutrition education, food modeling, and physical fitness opportunities for youth, their families, and communities, which in turn creates lifelong nutritional and fitness habits.

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