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Buckeye Friendship Fund: Fall Application Now Open


How Firm Thy Friendship!

Ohio natives and Buckeye alums are teaming up again to provide financial support, school supplies, and laptops/tablets for families and students impacted by COVID-19 global pandemic.

How We're Helping

Non-profit organizations, Pocket Full of Poseys & The BRICC Foundry, are supporting families in  Ohio to provide relief to parents and students in need of virtual and in-person learning supplies. - Laptop/Tablet for Students - School Materials - Healthy Afterschool Snacks - Professional Resume Writing Services - Career Support PFOP and BRICC’s response comes as Ohio parents face the choice of children attending school on-line or to physical school buildings as COVID-19 cases surge. We want to help lighten the load!

How You Can Help

  1. Help us reach $1000 in donations to help more Ohio Buckeyes! Here’s where you can donate.

  2. Have a different way to help? Contact the organizers directly at or

The Organizers

Pocket Full of Poseys is a non-profit organization focused on advocating for children's health and wellness. Our mission is to utilize athletics and business to provide nutrition education, food modeling, and physical fitness opportunities for youth, their families, and communities, which in turn creates lifelong nutritional and fitness habits. Pocket Full of Poseys was founded to address food deserts and the health disparities that are a direct effect of limited access to nutritious food.

The BRICC Foundry is a non-profit organization that cultivates minority women through the pursuit of knowledge, mentorship & professional development to inspire women to pursue their career & life goals in spite of obstacles in their present state. With a probing development curriculum & multi-faceted network of professionals, entrepreneurs & influencers, we craft & mold rising talent.

Learn more about what BRICC and PFOP are doing to support the community amid the COVID-19 crisis:  - Buckeye Friendship Fund Provides Groceries and Dinner - Job & Financial COVID-19 Resources - Face Mask Donations to Local Hospital

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